Open Harvest Seed Program

The Great Plains Trail Network has been nominated as one of the 20 local non-profits in the running for our 2021 Open Harvest Seed Program.

A big part of being a food co-op is actively pursuing our mission of creating a vibrant community, upholding our cooperative values, and building strong partnerships to better serve our customers. That's why in early 2020 we launched our Seed Program!

In short, the Open Harvest Seed Program is a new simple yet powerful community giving opportunity that allows customers to “round-up” their grocery bill for local organizations that share a commitment to a healthy community, sustainable food system, and strong local economy.

We were inspired by co-ops across the country (Seward Food Co-op, Belfast Food Co-op, and Medford Food Co-op) of all sizes, who support their community non-profits in this same manner. It's so simple, and so far we are very proud of the impact. Every month, 100% of the proceeds raised at the register go to our featured non-profit. And since March 2020, we've raised over $12,000, an average of $1,800 per month! Check out our results here.

So what comes next?

COMMUNITY CHOICE VOTE : Open Harvest owners have been invited to vote (in-store or online) during our general 2020 Board Election, for their top 5 favorite organizations through October 31st. A staff committee will select another five, for a total of 10 Seed Program recipients in 2021. The results will be announced at the Annual Owner Meeting on November, 5th. All nominees will be notified afterwards and selected recipients will be contacted to get more information.