Team Registration Guidelines

Joining a Company’s or Organization’s Corporate Challenge Team:

After registering for Trail Trek, you may join one corporate team and/or one organization team.  If the company or organization you want to join is not yet listed, come back to join at another time after it has been registered.

You can ensure the company and/or organization you wish to join gets registered by volunteering to be a team captain or finding someone else who would be, such as a company’s HR or health promotion contact.  Register a company or organization.

A team captain does not have to be an employee or member but is required to obtain information required on the registration form.  This team captain must also provide a best available count of employees/membership at a time closer to the event date, when asked to do so.

The team captain will not receive teammate contact information, and teammates will not be given the team captain’s contact information.  A team captain’s sole responsibility to provide company/organization information required to determine winners.  It is a simple role.

A team captain may captain as many corporations or organizations as desired with the sole duty of obtaining the required information required.  This will help provide Trail Trek registrants with a fuller selection from which to choose.

The team captain will receive a full set of rules by email. The rules go into detail, but mostly the document defines what a company or organization is, and how winners are determined. Teammates need only register, join a team, and enjoy the event.