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The Great Plains Trails Network is a group of citizens who advocate and support a network of trails in and around Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska, for jogging, biking, walking and horseback riding. Our website furthers our mission by providing ways for you to learn more and get involved. Thanks for visiting. Your support is appreciated.

Lincoln's Protected Bike Lane

News & Announcements

  • Bike Share Program Expected to Start Summer of 2016

    Bike share programs, operating in more than 80 American cities or on university campuses, allow people to rent a bike for a short period of time, half an hour to a couple of hours, for quick transportation. Program was funded through grants and private donations.

  • Wilderness Park Survey

    The city has created the trail recovery prioritization survey and now is the time to share it far and wide.. Once the survey is complete, we can organize a volunteer corp to help those working so hard to maintain Wilderness Park.

  • Update on Homestead Trail

    Trail to be reopened by the end of the year.

  • Bike Safety on KFOR with Mary Torell

    Mary Torell, GPTN Board member, and Julie Harris, Nebraska Bicycling Alliance executive director, talk to Dale Johnson at KFOR about bike safety in Nebraska. Torell and Harris brought the message of the need for people to be aware of bicyclists and how people need to abide by the three foot passing law. Their message to motorist was to please slow down and give us some space. Additionally Torell and Harris discussed the N street protected bike way that will be opening this fall. Please take the time to listen to this important interview by clicking on the title above.

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