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The Great Plains Trails Network is a group of citizens who advocate and support a network of trails in and around Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska, for jogging, biking, walking and horseback riding. Our website furthers our mission by providing ways for you to learn more and get involved. Thanks for visiting. Your support is appreciated.

Jamaica Trail Construction

Construction has begun on the Jamaica Trail and we need for people to stay off the Jamaica from Pioneers to Saltillo for the next couple of months. There is going to be a good deal of heavy equipment along the trail and it will be quite dangerous for riders and walkers trying to navigate that stretch. A particularly difficult spot right now is the trailhead at Saltillo.  This is being used as a staging area for the piece of trail between Saltillo and 14th Street and will be a major site of activity. There is a newly revamped trailhead just north of Roca Road near the village of Roca where people can park to go south. Learn more by attending an open house on the subject Wednesday, September 14 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Walt Branch Library, 6701 S. 14th. Click here to learn more. 



News & Announcements

  • Join the Nebraska History Museum, City Historic Preservation Planner Ed Zimmer and friends from the State Historic Preservation Office and Great Plains Trails Network on a bike tour of Lincoln's Historic Eastridge Neighborhood. Click on the title to learn more. Event is Sunday, September 18 1:00 - 4:30 p.m. Contact Sharon Kennedy at sharon.kennedy@nebraska.gov or 402.471.4445. Cost is $20, $15 for NSHS members.

  • Bike UNL in cooperation with Campus Recreation and the Nebraska Athletic Department will offer a free bike valet service for all home Husker football games. Home football game attendees who bike to campus can keep their bikes safe and secure at the Bike Valet, located inside Cook Pavilion, just one block from Memorial Stadium. Bikes are kept inside, avoiding rain, sun, and theft.

    Game Day Bike Valet's goal is to help alleviate heavy game-day traffic while providing a safe, secure and convenient location for bicyclists to store their bikes. Click title above to learn more about this great service.

  • Due to construction in the area between Interstate 180 and North 14th Street you will need to take detours to navigate the area by bike. Consult the article from the Journal Star linked to the article title.

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