Lincoln Trail-A-Thon 2020 - A great outdoor challenge for all ages

The Lincoln Trail-A-Thon is a challenge to run, jog or walk all the trails within the Lincoln City limits in 2020 and is open and available to participate now. When you finish you will have covered 78 miles of trails. This fun challenge was started to inspire individuals to be healthier by getting outdoors to enjoy the amazing trails system in Lincoln. Please remember to follow the restrictions set by the City of Lincoln and be aware of your physical distancing. Learn more.


The Trails Are Open

The mission of GPTN is to advocate and support a network of trails in and around Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska, for jogging, biking, and walking. We are continuing this important work during these uncertain times and want to encourage everyone to use the trails responsibly.

Our mayor is also promoting the use of the trails as a safe way to promote good physical and mental health. She has asked us to follow the minimum six-foot physical distancing guidelines while on the trails.

Please be courteous, be aware of each other, pass on the left and announce when you are passing.  When you stop to talk or stop to make a direction change we suggest that you step off the trail so others can pass safely. Carry all waste such as food wrappers or pet waste with you to dispose of properly at home. As we all share the trails, help us keep them safe, clean, and enjoyable. Learn more about membership in GPTN.

Lincoln is a wonderful city and we will get through this together. See you on the trails.

From the Board of the Great Plains Trails Network

News & Notes

Tour de Lincoln has been postponed

GPTN has made the decision to postponed Tour de Lincoln 2020 due to COVID-19. We will look to reschedule once the City of Lincoln has listed the Directed Health Measures. Check back in May.