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Trail Trek 2024 Routes

All routes leave from Speedway Village which means you some of your ride may be on lime stone trail. Please take that into consideration when choosing the bike you bring to the event. This year our treks are headed north. We will soon have a trail connection from Jamaica North to the N Street Cycle Track, but until then our riders will have a designated lane on J Street as well as on 7th Street. For the safety of our riders we are asking riders to dismount at the railroad tracks on J Street. We'll have signs and volunteers at the tracks to help with this process.  

8 Mile Trek - 10:30 a.m. Start Time - Join us for a special cycling adventure tailored for our younger riders! Departing from Speedway Village, our shortest route will lead us to Oak Lake Park, where a delightful playground awaits and a treasure hunt just for the kids with a special drawing just for them. The return journey follows the same path, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Upon returning, the excitement doesn't end! Young riders can look forward to engaging activities such as face painting, balloon animals, and the chance to win fun prizes. This ride promises a day filled with joy, adventure, and memorable experiences for our enthusiastic young cyclists.

15  Mile Trek - 9:30 a.m. Start Time - We invite you to join us for a 15-mile community bike ride event that promises to be both enjoyable and scenic. The route will take you on a journey from Speedway Village, heading north on the Jamaica N trail through downtown Lincoln, passing underneath the North Antelope Valley Parkway, and looping up to the Billy Wolff Trail. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to take a break at Union Plaza before continuing on the Rock Island trail back to the GPTN Connection Bridge and concluding back at Speedway for a well-deserved lunch.

In addition to the ride, there will be a bike drawing thanks to Cycle Works, Trek of Lincoln and for the first time from Speedy Pete's. We'll have fun games for kids, and special prizes for participants. It's a great opportunity to enjoy a day outdoors, stay active, and connect with fellow community members. 

21 Mile Trek - 9:15 a.m. Start Time - Join us on a thrilling 21-mile cycling adventure in Speedway Village. The route will take you on a scenic journey, starting from Speedway Village on the Jamaica N Trail. As you head north and cross the bridge over the Salt Creek Levee, you will continue on 1st Street until you reach Superior Street. From there, you will ride on the Superior Street Trail and turn south onto the Levee Trail near Bair Ave. Your first stop will be at the Theresa Street green space, where you can refuel and recharge.

After your break, you will continue on the Salt Creek Levee Trail until you reach Devany, where you will then take the Billy Wolff Trail to your second rest stop at Union Plaza. Heading south, you will ride on the Rock Island Trail to the GPTN Connector Bridge, connecting you to the Jamaica N Trail back to Speedway Village. Lunch will be provided by Hy-Vee and Pepsi, making it a perfect way to conclude your cycling journey. Get ready for a day filled with adventure, camaraderie, and beautiful sights along the way!

28 Mile Trek - 8:30 a.m. Start Time - This tour embarks on a scenic journey starting from the Jamaica North Trail, proceeding through downtown towards the N Street Cycle Track. The route then takes a westward turn along Pinnacle Arena Drive, briefly heading south before turning north to cross the iconic Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge. From there, cyclists will continue west along Charles Street to the Salt Creek Levee Trail, eventually reaching the John Dietrich Trail. Passing by Fleming Field and Upco Park, cyclists will follow the trail to the David Murdock Trail at 48th Street, passing through Ballard Park for a well-deserved rest stop. The route then continues eastward towards Mahoney Park and further south to the 84th Street Trail. Riders will then make their way to the MoPac trailhead for another rest stop before continuing their adventure southward. The tour will lead cyclists along the MoPac Trail to the Billy Wolff Trail, eventually looping back to Speedway Village on the Rock Island Trail. Upon returning to Speedway Village, participants will be treated to a delicious lunch provided by Hy-Vee and Pepsi. Additionally, there will be an exciting opportunity to win one of three bikes generously donated by Cycle Works, Trek of Lincoln, and Speedy Pete's. Join us for a day of exploration, camaraderie, and fun on Lincoln's scenic trails!

35 Mile Trek - 7:30 a.m. start time - This city route will take you out of Speedway Village through downtown past Pinnacle Bank Arena and then on to Salt Creek Levee Trail, passing underneath the North Antelope Valley Parkway before continuing north on 1st Street towards Superior Street. From there, you will turn southeast along the Superior Street Trail, heading east until you turn south onto the Levee Trail near Bair Avenue. As you follow the Levee Trail, you will cross North 27th Street and traverse the bridge over Salt Creek. Continuing southwest, you will pass under the Cornhusker Highway bridge and reach a rest stop at the Theresa Street green space. After a brief break, you will make a U-turn heading north, cross the Cornhusker Highway bridge on the trail towards the west, and then continue southwest along the Salt Creek Levee Trail until you reach the John Dietrich Trail riding by Fleming Field and Upco Park until connecting with the David Murdock Trail at 48th Street. On the David Murdock Trail riders will arrive at their first rest stop at Ballard Park. Once rested up and hydrated the trek proceeds east to Mahoney Park and south to the 84th Street Trail. Riders will continue south on the trail 84th Street Trail south until reaching the Mopac Trailhead for another great rest stop. After refueling and enjoying time with the fun volunteers from Speedy Pete's you'll continue on the MoPac trail until you connect with the Billy Wolff trail heading toward our third and final rest stop at the Jayne Snyder Trails Center. From there riders will continue south on the Billy Wolff Trail until passing under the underpass at 27th and Capitol Parkway, after which they will make a U turn to connect with the Rock Island. You'll follow the Rock Island south across Nebraska Parkway and Old Cheney to the Great Plains Trails Network Connector Bridge. Upon crossing the bridge, riders will turn north to follow the N Jamaica Trail back to Speedway Village for a well deserved lunch and a chance to win one of three bikes donated by Speedy Pete's, Cycle Works and Trek of Lincoln.

44 Mile Trek to Eagle, NE - 6:30 a.m. Start Time - Our longest route this year will launch by heading south out of Speedway Village on the N Jamaica Trail, then turn right onto the Salt Creek Levee Trail. The journey will then lead to Innovation Campus, where participants will transition onto the Billy Wolff Trail. As the trek progresses near Vine Street, a turn onto the MoPac Trail will guide the group to their rest stop at the 84th Street MoPac Trailhead. Continuing on the MoPac Trail, the trek will culminate at Eagle City park, where participants can indulge in snacks and enjoy music. Following a well-deserved break, the group will retrace their steps back to Speedway Village for a delightful lunch. We look forward to a memorable and rewarding experience for all participants on this invigorating trek.

Natural Surface Single Track Adventure - 9:30 a.m. Start Time - This year’s natural surface route in Wilderness Park picks up where our single track ride ended in 2023—and offers a deeper exploration of Lincoln’s most challenging cycling terrain.

We’ll use the Jamaica North Trail to access the Pioneers Boulevard trailhead and start our ride at trail marker 18. From there, we’ll follow the dirt on hiker/biker/all user trails to trail marker 51, take a break at the low water crossing, then head back to the trailhead. It’s about 30 minutes of riding each way at a relaxed, cruising speed and we’ll probably be in the forest for about 1.5 hours total.

NOTE: Due to the uneven surfaces on this route (rocks, roots, ruts on loose dirt over hard pack), riders need to prepare differently than for a paved trail ride. Riding gloves and two water bottles are recommended. Your saddle/frame bag or backpack should contain:

  • Phone
  • Tube/patch kit or tubeless puncture kit
  • Mini pump and/or CO2 inflator
  • Tire levers
  • Bug spray/sunscreen: Apply pre-ride and bring a small bottle of each
  • Bike multi-tool with chain breaker
  • Basic, lightweight Leatherman-style multitool

Check the tightness/condition of everything on your bike. Do not wait until the night before the ride to do this.

Ride from home and come have lunch with us. You'll still receive a t-shirt and a free promotional item with your registration. Lunch will be served from 11:00 to 1:00. Experience the fun of Trail Trek, but create your own route with the miles you choose. We like to call this FREEDOM!