Trail Trek

10 MILES - ANTELOPE PARK ROUTE - This 10-mile ride is designed for families with small children and occasional riders. It leaves Haymarket Park via the Salt Creek Levee Trail to the northeast and continues on the Billy Wolff Trail through Union Plaza, past the Children’s Zoo to the covered Antelope Park shelter. Your kids will not want to miss this ride. Once they arrive in Antelope Park there will be a festive atmosphere with lots of fun games and of course all the fun playground equipment in the park. This will be a SAG stop for the event which includes snacks, fruit and water. Riders will return to Haymarket Park on the Rock Island Trail. Once back at Haymarket Park there will be a great lunch and the NoWear BMX Stunt Bike Team will be performing. View route map.

20 MILE - EAST LINCOLN MoPAC/MURDOCK TRAIL ROUTE - This 20-mile ride is designed for all riders capable of riding that distance, and will feature the trail improvements on the Murdock Trail between 70th and 56th Street. This great route takes you on the Salt Creek Levee, Billy Wolff, MoPac, Murdock and the Dietrich Trail. You will enjoy a SAG stop with fruit, snacks and water at Mahoney Park. Back at Haymarket Park you'll enjoy a great lunch and entertainment by the NoWear BMX Stunt Bike Team. Oh and a chance to win a bike! View route map.

37 MILES - PIONEERS PARK/ROCA BERRY FARM ROUTE - This 37-mile ride is designed for riders capable of riding longer distances. It features a trip through Pioneers Park with a SAG stop at the Nature Center. The ride leaves the Haymarket Park via the Salt Creek Levee Trail going southwest, and links up with the Bison Trail near 1st and Park Ave. The ride continues west on Bison Trail into Pioneers Park and through Pioneers Park to the Nature Center. The Nature Center will be the first SAG stop which will include snacks, fruit and water. Leaving the park riders will make the trip back down the Bison trail until they meet up with the Jamaica North Trail and start heading south toward Roca on the Homestead Trail. Riders will have a second SAG stop at Saltillo Rd. which will include snacks and water. Riders continue on the Homestead Trail until they reach the Roca Berry Farm driveway and turn into the farm. The riders will stay there for a bit with an expanded SAG stop. Riders will take the Homestead Trail back with a SAG stop at Saltillo Road. Ride continues down the Jamaica Trail to Haymarket Park. Once you get to Haymarket Park you will have a great lunch provided by Hy-Vee and Pepsi. While you are chatting about the fun you had on the trails you can enjoy entertainment by NoWear BMX Stunt Bike Team. And you have a chance to win one of 17 bikes! View route map